Vendors Advocates

How we help vendors

As a Vendors Advocate, we may not necessarily sell your property - but we will definitely FIND the right agent who will!

The most important decisions in your life are to marry, have a family, choose a career-and BUY & SELL YOUR HOME. There it is in the TOP 4.

Why would you give your most valuable asset (apart from your wife, kids, dog & car - not necessarily in that order) to an Agent you don't know, who just happens to be local - or you may like the color of their boards - or you may have just heard their name mentioned.

Have an expert with nearly 30 years experience assist you in the time & labor intensive process of selecting the RIGHT AGENT - for the Right PRICE!

Contact Mindacom your INDEPENDENT unbiased Consultant - to act in Your best interests - at ALL times.

Confusing Issues for Vendors

  • Advertising: Will your property be Advertised effectively to stimulate interest, and genuine qualified enquiry?
  • Advertising Budget: What is a fair advertising budget? Where should I advertise?
  • Promotion: Will your agent create for you demand to achieve the HIGHEST & BEST POSSIBLE PRICE?
  • Market Price: Do you really know if the market price assessed on your property is correct? Or is the Agent just trying to BUY the listing of your home - then comes the crunch.
  • Auction or Private Sale: Not every property should be Auctioned - however some properties MUST be Auctioned to achieve the BEST OUTCOME!
  • Commission: What is a 'standard' commission - how much should you pay? DO I pay commission if my property is not sold?

All these and even MORE complex issues - legal documentation, Section 32's, Section 27's and so on and on.