Buyers Advocates

How we help byers

As a Buyers Advocate, we will personally walk you through the minefield of Buying Real Estate! The most important decisions in your life are to marry, have a family, choose a career - and BUY & SELL YOUR HOME. There it is in the TOP 4. Why would you purchase your most valuable asset (apart from your wife, kids, dog & car - not necessarily in that order) from an ad in the paper.

An Agent you don't know, a property you are unsure of the value - or an Auction where you may have to bid. Have an expert with nearly 30 years experience assist you in the time & labor intensive process of selecting the RIGHT PROPERTY for you - for the Right PRICE!

Contact Mindacom your INDEPENDENT unbiased Consultant - to act in Your best interests - at ALL times.

Confusing issues for Buyers

  • Auction or Private Sale: Do I look at properties only for Sale or For Auction - or both?
  • Can I bid at auction: Some 80% of purchasers often pay up to 20% OVER their budget. They get caught up in the hype of an Auction - and suffer the consequences later. We help you avoid this trap!
  • Building Inspection: Do I need a building inspection.?
  • Termites: Oh yes - they are marching thru Melbourne - is the area you are looking in a termite haven.
  • Do I have to pay the asking price? Let us negotiate for you - using our expertise from 25 years of negotiating.

All these and even MORE complex issues - legal documentation, Section 32's, Section 27's and so on and on.